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9 books for $99! With a Tupelo Press subscription, you'll receive a year of poetry books, delivered to your door. These subscriptions function like the “community-supported agriculture” memberships many organic farms are now offering to strengthen their relationships with customers and to stabilize finances. We ask our subscribers to give us money in advance, during our production process, and in return we’ll send ten books, postage pre-paid, which will wing their way directly to you over the course of the year.

Better still, select the two-year option and upon renewal next year you'll automatically get 10% off the price of the 2017 series.

2016 Poetry & Prose Series Subscription
Lauren CampOne Hundred Hungers(poems)
Lawrence BridgesBrownwood(poems)
Jennifer MilitelloA Camouflage of Specimens and Garments(poems)
Alan Michael ParkerThe Ladder(poems)
Megan Snyder-CampWintering(poems)
Amy McCannYes Thorn(poems)
Lawrence RaabChoosing the Wrong Subject(essays)
Lee SharkeyWalking Backward(poems)
Lillian-Yvonne BertramPersonal Science(poems)

Praise from Tupelo Subscribers

… thank you for your gracious letters and the messages found in the beautifully prepared books that you send.… a bargain like few others. I look forward to the surprise and transport of each author’s vision. Thank you for this important commitment.
— W. Wilde-Menozzi, Parma, Italy
… our Tupelo Press collection has a place of honor in our dining room. Every morning [my partner] and I sit there in shared silence — each of us with a cup of tea and a book. Always, at least once, I disturb our silence because I simply have to read a poem aloud. She loves that. See what gifts can do?
—M. Burke, Spencer, New York
Tupelo books often end up being my favourites… I carry them around in my knapsack, read them in bed, and end up thinking about [them] for my own work.
—Tupelo Subscriber, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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Ten Books of Poetry from 2016
$99 2016 Subscription

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2015 Poetry & Prose Series Subscription
Harold SchweizerThe Book of Stones and Angels(poems)
Suzanne Dracius (trans. Nancy Naomi Carlson)Calazaza’s Delicious Dereliction(poems)
James ByrneEverything Broken Up Dances(poems)
Dan Beachy-Quickgentlessness(poems)
Kathy NilssonThe Infant Scholar(poems)
Ye ChunLantern Puzzle(poems)
Deborah FlanaganOr, Gone(poems)
Lawrence RaabMistaking Each Other for Ghosts(poems)
Maggie SmithThe Well Speaks of Its Own Poison(poems)

Ten Books of Poetry ( & Recipies) from 2015
$99 2015 Subscription

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See our 2014 brochure (12Mb PDF)

2014 Poetry & Prose Series Subscription
Joan HoulihanAy(poetry)
Catherine Barnett and Tiphanie YaniqueAnother English: Anglophone Poems from Around the World(anthology)
Willis BarnstoneMoonbook and Sunbook(poetry)
Jeffrey HarrisonInto Daylight(poetry)
Natasha SajéVivarium(poetry)
David HuddleThe Faulkes Chronicles(novel)
Michael ChitwoodLiving Wages(poetry)
Carol FrostEntwined: Lyric Sequences(poetry)
Thomas GardnerPoverty Creek Journal(essays)

Nine Books of Poetry & Prose from 2014
$99 2014 Subscription

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See our 2013 brochure (3Mb PDF)

2013 Poetry & Prose Series Subscription
Jan RichmanThrill-Bent(novel)
Stacey WaiteButch Geography(poetry)
Ming Di, ed.New Cathay: Contemporary Chinese Poetry(poetry)
Lee SharkeyCalendars of Fire(poetry)
Ruth Ellen Kocherdomina Un/blued(poetry)
Mary MolinaryMary & The Giant Mechanism(poetry)
Adélia PradoEx-Voto, translated by Ellen Doré Watson(poetry)
Amaud Jamal JohnsonDarktown Follies(poetry)
Peter StittThe Perfect Life(lyric essays)

Nine Books of Poetry & Prose from 2013
$99 2013 Subscription

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See our 2012 brochure (2Mb PDF)

2012 Poetry & Prose Series Subscription
Ilya Kaminsky and Katherine TowlerA God in the House: Poets on Faith(essays/interviews)
Rusty MorrisonAfter Urgency(poetry)
Alan Michael ParkerLong Division(poetry)
James FrielThe Posthumous Affair(novel)
Lee UptonSwallowing the Sea(essays)
Karen An-hwei LeePhyla of Joy(poems)
Patricia RosoffThe Innocent Eye(essays)
CM BurroughsThe Vital System(poems)
Kathleen JesmeMeridian(poems)

Nine Books of Poetry & Prose from 2012
$99 2012 Subscription

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See our 2011 brochure (676K PDF)

2011 Poetry Subscription
Aimee NezhukumatathilLucky Fish 
Daniel KhalastchiManoleria2009 First Book Award
Joshua CoreySeverance Songs2008 Dorset Prize
Dan Beachy-QuickCircle's Apprentice 
Geri DoranSanderlings 
Carol Ann DavisAtlas Hour 
Brandon SomBabel's Moon2009 Snowbound Award
Marc GabaHave 
Larissa SzporlukTraffic with Macbeth 

Nine Books of Poetry from 2011
$99 2011 Poetry Subscription

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2011 Prose Subscription
Kazim AliFasting for Ramadan(essays)
Floyd SklootCream of Kohlrabi(stories)
David HuddleNothing Can Make Me Do This(novel)
Paisley RekdalIntimate(memoir)

Four Books of Prose From 2011
$60 2011 Prose Subscription

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2010 Subscription
John Crossstaring at the animal2007 Snowbound Award
Martha ZweigMonkey Lightning 
Polina BarskovaThis Lamentable CityTranslated by Ilya Kaminsky
Gary SotoHuman Nature 
Ellen Doré WatsonDogged Hearts 
Megan Snyder-CampThe Forest of Sure Things2008 First Book Award
Rebecca DunhamThe Flight Cage2007 Open-Reading Selection
Stacey Waitethe lake has no saint2008 Snowbound Award
Michael ChitwoodPoor-Mouth Jubilee 

Nine Books of Poetry from 2010
$99 2010 Subscription

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2009 Subscription
G.C. WaldrepArchicembalo2007 Dorset Prize
Dan Beachy-QuickThis Nest, Swift Passerine 
Angela ShawThe Beginning of the Fields 
Joshua Marie WilkinsonThe Book of Whispering in the Projection Booth 
Jennifer MilitelloFlinch of Song2007 First Book Award
Theodore DeppeOrpheus on the Red Line 
Joan HoulihanThe Us 
Patricia FargnoliThen, Something 
Nancy Naomi CarlsonStone Lyre: Poems of René Char 

Nine Books of Poetry from 2009
$99 2009 Subscription

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