2005 Tupelo Press Award & Contest Winners

Congratulations to all of the winners of 2005 Tupelo Press Awards and Contests!

Tupelo Press Dorset Prize2005 Dorset Prize

Winner: Davis McCombs for  Dismal Rock

We are delighted to announce the results of the 2005 Dorset Prize, judged by Linda Gregerson. Following are the winner, runners up, and honorable mentions. All finalists will be listed on the Tupelo Press website.

The Dorset Prize to: Dismal Rock, by Davis McCombs

Davis McCombs will receive a $10,000 prize, and his book will be released in Fall 2007.

Davis McCombs’ first book, Ultima Thule, was chosen by W.S. Merwin as winner of the 1999 Yale Series of Younger Poets, called “the finest Yale Poets selection in years” by Publishers Weekly, and one of five finalists for a National Book Critics Circle Award in Poetry.

This beautiful book records the sacraments of labor and the dark equivocations of history in a single swath of tobacco land in south central Kentucky. With infinite patience and luminous particularity, Davis McCombs unearths the traces of those-who-have-gone-before-us through the material world. His poems have the weight of psalms.

—Linda Gregerson

First Runner up: Sweet Darkness, by Greg Rappleye

Oh the fine, brawling, pungent observation of these poems: “the smog-brown sea,” “the baggies-drooping sea”; Homer would be exhilarated and appalled. Greg Rappleye revives the language and revives our powers of seeing. Sweet Darkness is shot through with light.

—Linda Gregerson

Additional Runners up:

Shaggy Parasol, by Susan Gubernat

The Book of Sleep, by Eleanor Stanford

The Little Hour, by Kathleen Jesme

Red Door, by Donald Platt

Honorable Mention:

Biogeography, by Sandra Meek

Emphatic Numeral, by Molly Tenenbaum

The Transits of Saturn, by Leslie Ullman

The Lost Tin Myth, Lytton Smith

Congratulations to Davis McCombs and to all of this year’s finalists for giving Tupelo Press such exquisite work. Thanks to Linda Gregerson and to each and every poet who graced Tupelo Press with a Dorset Prize manuscript. We are, as ever, endlessly grateful for your support.

Jeffrey Levine

Publisher & Editor-in-Chief

Tupelo Press

 Tupelo_Snowbound_Logo_150Snowbound Series Chapbook Award

Winner: Joy Katz for The Garden Room



The 2005 Snowbound Series Chapbook Award, selected by judge Lisa Russ Spaar, has been awarded to Joy Katz of Brooklyn, New York for her manuscript The Garden Room.

Runners up: Karen Donovan for Parts List Counted in Ogham and Hildred Crill for Mast of the Ship, Beam of the Loom.

2005 Snowbound Chapbook Competition Finalists:

Sally Ball, Scottsdale, AZ, Love’s Soft Surgery

Kurt Brown, New York, NY, Sincerest Flattery

Andrea Hollander Budy, Mountain View, AK, Living Room

Ruth E. Dickey, Seattle, WA, Paper Houses, Sky Ceilings

John De Stefano, New York, NY, Critical Opalescence and the Blueness of Sky

Kevin A. Gonzalez, Madison, WI, Cultural Studies

Michael Gushue, Washington, DC, Fulgurites

Cynthia Hogue, Phoenix, AZ, Optimism

Diane Holland, Portland, OR, The Hand Stayed From Its Desire

Kathleen Jesme, Inner Grove Heights, MN, Ordinary Work

Ruth Moon Kempher, St. Augustine, FL, A Book of Designs and Hours

Jesse Lee Kercheval, Madison, WI, Chartreuse

Rusty Morrison, Richmond, CA, Generosity is hidden in fact

Veronica Patterson, Loveland, CO, Maneuvers

Linda Tomol Pennisi, Syracuse, NY, Suddenly, Fruit

John Pursley III, Tuscaloosa, AL, Elegy with Stillness in Mind

Mary Ann Samyn, Morgantown, WV, Draw something shiny

Jorge Sanchez, Chicago, IL, Now Sing

Heather Sellers, Holland, MI, Women and Boys

Sofia M. Starnes, Williamsburg, VA Provinces

Stephanie Strickland, Evanston, IL Ecstasy

Gabriel Welsch, State College, PA, the telemarketer’s dream

Sixth Annual Poetry Contest

Winners: Dwaine Rieves for his manuscript When the Eye Forms and Melanie Almeder for her manuscript On Dream Street.

The 2005 Sixth Annual Poetry Contest Judge’s Prize, selected by judge Carolyn Forche, has been awarded to Dwaine Rieves of Washington, District of Columbia for his manuscript When the Eye Forms.

The 2005 Sixth Annual Poetry Contest Editors’ Prize has been awarded to Melanie Almeder of Salem, Virginia for her manuscript On Dream Street.

2005 Sixth Annual Poetry Contest Finalists:

Margo Berdeshevsky, Paris, France, But A Passage in Wilderness

Kristin Bock, Amherst, MA, Cloisters

Susan Briante, Austin, TX, Pioneers in the Study of Motion

Scott Coffel, Iowa City, IA, Mild Worlds Elsewhere

Nadia Herman Colburn, Cambridge, MA, The High Shelf

Hildred Crill, Sweden, The Book of Lichens

D. Dennigan, W. Hollywood, CA, My Bed is Green

Phebus Etienne, Montclair, NJ, Chainstitching

Melanie Figg, St. Paul, MN, Lucky Bird

Julie Gamberg, Oakland, CA, The Museum of Natural History

Sunshine Glenstone, Sewickley, PA, Porch of Judgment

Matthew Guenette, Bloomington, IL, Sudden Anthem

Anna Maria Hong, Seattle, WA, Fablesque

Dale M. Kushner, Madison, WI, Via Magdalene

Matthew Lippman, Brooklyn, NY, The New Year of Yellow

Jennifer Militello, Newport, NH, From Moth to Sorrow

Jean-Paul Pecqueur, Brooklyn, NY, The Case Against Happiness

David Roderick, San Francisco, CA, Blue Colonial

Jorge Sanchez, Chicago, IL, Non-Cartoon World

Angela Shaw, Swarthmore, PA, The Beginning of the Fields

Pamela Sutton, Philadelphia, PA, Bone House Broken

Don Thompson, Buttonwillow, CA, Where We Live