2007 Tupelo Press Award & Contest Winners

Congratulations to all of the winners of 2007 Tupelo Press Awards and Contests!

Tupelo Press Dorset Prize2007 Dorset Prize

Winner: G.C. Waldrop for Archicembalo

Tupelo Press is delighted to announce that C. D. Wright has selected G.C. Waldrep of Lewisburg, PA winner of the 2007 Dorset Prize for his outstanding manuscript Archicembalo. He will receive $10,000, and his book will be published in 2009 and distributed internationally by Consortium Book Sales & Distribution, Baker & Taylor, Ingram, Small Press Distribution, and Tupelo Press.

In addition to the Dorset Prize winner, Tupelo Press will offer publishing contracts to Marc Gaba of Sacred Heart, Philippines for his manuscript Have, and to Martha Zweig of Hardwick, VT for hers, Monkey Lightning. Our congratulations to G.C. Waldrep, Marc Gaba, Martha Zweig, and to all of the finalists.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who entered their work. Without your support of Tupelo Press, we simply could not do what we do.


Beth Bachmann, Nashville, TN, Temper

Jacqueline Berger, San Francisco, CA, The Gift That Arrives Broken

Jennifer Chapis, Oceanside, CA, One Wing Apart

Chris Forhan, Auburn, AL, Black Leapt In

Sarah Gambito, New York, NY, Delivered

Suzanne Gardinier, New York, NY, Dialogue With The Archipelago

Heather Hartley, Paris, France, Knock, Knock

Kirsten Kaschock, Philadelphia. PA, The Snuff Ballets

Kristin Kelly, Iowa City, IA, Come As Your Madness

Patrick Lawler, Liverpool, NY, The Exhalation Therapist

Mary Leader, West Lafayette, IN, Inkstone

Shara Lessley, Madison, WI, Two-Headed Nightingale

Kimberly Lojek, Orland Park, IL, Weather in the Hourglass

Dora Malech, Bethesda, MD, Break, Make Or

Jean-Paul Pecqueur, Brooklyn, NY, Big Thinker

Lance Phillips, Huntersville, NC,  The Dream Life

Brian Swann, New York, NY, Fireflies

Liz Waldner, Houston, TX, In Which the Beautiful Hand of Great God Reaches and Pats Her Head

Ronaldo Wilson, South Hadley, MA, Poems of the Black Object

Sam Witt, Walla Walla, WA, Occupation: Dreamland

Richard Wollman, Amesbury, MA, The Art of Need

Tupelo Prize Berkshire Prize for First or Second Book of PoetryFirst Book Award

Winner: Jennifer Militello for History of the Always Pain

Tupelo Press is delighted to announce the results of the 8th Annual First Book Award, in conjunction with the journal Crazyhorse.

This year the First Book Award goes to Jennifer Militello, of Goffstown, New Hampshire, for History of the Always Pain.


Megan Gannon, Omaha, NE, White Nightgown
Cyan James, Ann Arbor, MI, The Good Boy’s Payne
Marc McKee, Columbia, MO, Fuse
Kathy Nilsson, Cambridge, MA, Black Lemons 
Anna Ross, Dorchester, MA, Hawk Weather
Jamie Ross, Carson, NM, Postcards from Mexico
Susan Settlemyre Williams, Richmond, VA, Ashes in Midair
Theresa Sotto, Santa Monica, CA, punctum 

Tupelo_Snowbound_Logo_150Snowbound Series Chapbook Award

Winner: John Cross for staring at the animal

Our judge this year was Gillian Conoley—recipient of several Pushcart Prizes and the Jerome J. Shestack Award from The American Poetry Review—is Poet-in-Residence and Associate Professor at Sonoma State University, where she is the founder and editor of Volt magazine. She has authored four poetry collections, including the highly praised Some Gangster Pain and Tall Stranger.

As winner of the 2007 Tupelo Press Snowbound Chapbook Award, Gillian Conoley – with gratitude from Tupelo Press – has selected:

staring at the animal by John Cross, of Los Angeles, CA.

Ms. Conoley also named four runners-up who are, in alphabetical order:

Simon DeDeo of Chicago, IL for Swan, a love story

Molly Lou Freeman of Homer, AK for panorama

Catherine Imbriglio of Providence, RI for Rumor

Kimberly Lojek of Riverside, IA for [Weather in the Hourglass]


Susan Briante, Dallas, TX for Dear Mr. Surgeon General

Jennifer Bullis, Bellingham, WA for About the Food Chain and Other Pointed Questions for the Deity

Julie Cooper-Fratrik, Riegelsville, PA for  Further Lovely Lettuce Lore

Beth Ann Fennelly, Oxford, MS for Poem: Berthe Morisot: Retrospective

Pamela Garvey, St. Louis, MO for The Distant

Joy Gonsalves, Lexington, KY for The Fourth Corner of the World

Christina Hutchins , Albany, CA for Public Notice

Janet Kaplan, Brooklyn, NY for Prose Sonnets

Jesse Lee Kercheval, Madison, WI for Film Upon Film

Katie Hae Ryun Leo, Minneapolis, MN for Attempts at Location

David Mutschlecner, Los Alamos, NM for The Fifth Song

Benjamin Paloff, Boston, MA for The Stage in the Theater They’ve Made of Your Temple

Robert Thomas, South San Francisco, CA for The Slashed Sleeve

Joni Wallace, Tucson, AZ for Beautiful Pilot