2008 Tupelo Press Award & Contest Winners

Congratulations to all of the winners of 2015 Tupelo Press Awards and Contests!

Tupelo Press Dorset Prize2008 Dorset Prize

Winner: Joshua Corey for Severance Songs

Tupelo Press is happy to announce the results of the 2008 Dorset Prize.

Judge Ilya Kaminsky has selected the manuscript Severance Songs by Joshua Corey of Evanston, Illinois, which will be published in early 2011.

In addition, we extend our appreciation and congratulations to the runner-up, honorable mentions, and all finalists and semifinalists for giving us so much terrific work:


Sanderlings by Geri Doran of Eugene, Oregon

Honorable Mentions:

Mule by Shane McCrae of Iowa City, Iowa

Landscape, Not Fable by Rusty Morrison of Richmond, California

Other Finalists:

K.E. Allen, Ann Arbor, Michigan: Woman in a Boat

Desirée Alvarez, New York, N.Y.: Paintings Hidden Upstairs 

Hadara Bar-Nadav, Kansas City, Missouri: Architecture at the Mouth

Mark Conway, Avon, Minnesota: Dreaming Man, Face Down

Landon Godfrey, Black Mountain, North Carolina: Labor in Vain

David Hawkins, Salt Lake City, Utah: Dark Adaptations

Christina Hutchins, Albany, California: World Without

Dale M. Kushner, Madison, Wisconsin: More Alive Than Lions Roaring

Jynne Martin, Brooklyn, N.Y.: We Mammals in Hospitable Times

Jennifer McClanaghan, Tallahasse, Florida: The Cairo Letters

Mary Molinary, Memphis, Tennesee: The Supine & Other Burials

Addie Palin, Chicago, Illinois: The Cautery

Michael Robins, Chicago, Illinois: Ladies & Gentlemen

Juliet Rodeman, Columbia, Missouri: Tropics of Petticoats

Rob Schlegel, Missoula, Montana: Wrack Line

Robert Strong, Canton, N.Y.: Bright Advent

Kerri Webster, St. Louis, Missouri: Anodyne

Nance Van Winkel, Liberty Lake, Washington: Night to Which We Were Party


David Axelrod, La Grande, Oregon: What Next, Old Knife

Susan Briante, Dallas, Texas: Jerusalem

John Randolph Carter, Los Alamitos, California: Bureau of Lost Continents

Carl Casinghino, Hatfield, Massachusetts: The Heathen Cartographer

Adam Dressler, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Ithakas

Matthew Gavin Frank, Grand Rapids, Michigan: Egoli Exhaustress

Sarah Estes Graham, Charlottesville, Virginia: La Meuse Mississippi

Gabrielle Jesiolowski, Portland, Maine: Ohio From the Fleeting

Stephen Knauth, Charlotte, North Carolina: Keeperless Light

Jacqueline Kolosov, Lubbock, Texas: An Impasse of Angels

Christi Kramer, Bonners Ferry, Idaho: Reading The Throne

Shara Lessley, Edenton, North Carolina: Two-Headed Nightingale

Frannie Lindsay, Belmont, Massachusetts: The Urn Garden

Joy Manesiotis, Redlands, California: Revoke

Abby Millager, Newark, Delaware: Space Botany

William Orem, Waltham, Massachusetts: Our Purpose in Speaking

Irena Praitis, Fullerton, California: One Woman’s Life: A Youth Between the Wars

Jay Rogoff, Saratoga Springs, N.Y.: Enamel Eyes

Ravi Shankar, Chester, Connecticut: Truth or Pretense

Martha Silano, Seattle, Washington: The Little Office of the Immaculate Conception

Shirley Stephenson, Chicago, Illinois: Partial Toll

Alison Stine, Athens, Ohio: Persephone In Hell

John Surowiecki, Amston, Connecticut: The Vomiting Bride

D.H. Tracy, Champaign, Illinois: Impressions of the Tribeless

Stacey Waite, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: When Someone Asks If You Believe What You Just Said

Daneen Wardrop, Kalamazoo, Michigan: Perhapsed

Berkshire Prize for First or Second Book of Poetry
First Book Award

Winner: Megan Snyder-Camp for The Forest of Sure Things

Tupelo Press is delighted to announce the results of the 9th annual First Book Award, in conjunction with the journal Crazyhorse.

This year the editors of Tupelo Press and Crazyhorse have chosen The Forest of Sure Things by Megan Snyder-Camp of Seattle, Washington. Megan’s book will be published by Tupelo Press with the generous support of The College of Charleston in autumn 2010.


Mule by Shane McCrae of Iowa City, Iowa

Fuse by Marc McKee of Columbia, Missouri

Other finalists:

Matthew A. Andersson of Barrington, Illinois: What a Vessel in a Stem

Beth Bachman of Nashville, Tennessee: Temper

Colin Cheney of Brooklyn, N.Y.: Here There Be Monsters

Adam Fell of Madison, Wisconsin: Human Resources

Paul Legault of Charlottesville, Virginia: With

Erin Lyndal Martin of Newport, Virginia: Hive Mind

Rob Schlegel of Missoula, Montana: flame & fern between our fingers flow

Matthew Shindell of La Jolla, California: In Another Castle

Amanda Rachelle Warren of Kalamazoo, Michigan: Ridge Runner

All manuscripts were read by Carol Ann Davis and Garret Doherty, Editors of Crazyhorse, and the winner was selected by a panel of three judges consisting of Carol Ann Davis, Garret Doherty, and Jeffrey Levine, Editor-in-Chief of Tupelo Press. Tupelo Press is grateful to all poets who gave us the opportunity to read, enjoy, and consider their fine work.

Tupelo_Snowbound_Logo_150Snowbound Series Chapbook Award

Winner: Stacey Waite for the lake has no saint

Tupelo Press is delighted to announce that judge Dana Levin has selected Stacey Waite of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, as winner of the 2008 Snowbound Series Chapbook Award. Her manuscript the lake has no saint will be published by Tupelo Press in 2010.


Jamie O’Halloran of Los Angeles, California: The Visible Woman

John Surowiecki of Amston, Connecticut: Mr. Niedzwiedzkis Pink House

Deb Casey of Eugene, Oregon: Spit & Purr

Other Finalists:

Lisa Beskin of Belchertown, Massachusetts: Shadow Globe

Remica Bingham of Norfolk, Virginia: The Body Speaks

John de Stefano of New York, N.Y.: From: Critical Opalescence and the Blueness of the Sky

Mary Helen Molinary of Memphis, Tennessee: The Book of 8:38

Howard Robertson of Eugene, Oregon: Three Odes to Gaia

Robin Beth Schaer of New York, N.Y.: Almost Tiger

Suzume Shi of New London, Connecticut: Ao

Jacob Shores-Arguello of Fayetteville, Arkansas: John Barleycorn Must Die

Janet Sylvester of Kittery, Maine: The Unbinding


Hadara Bar-Nadav of Kansas City, Missouri: Fable of Flesh

Colin Cheney of Brooklyn, N.Y.: Here There Be Monsters

Mark Conway of Avon, Minnesota, Dreaming Man, Face Down

John de Stefano of New York, N.Y.: From: Three-Body Problems

Joanne Diaz of Chicago, Illinois, Violin

Jennifer Kwon Dobbs of New York, N.Y.: Mongrel Angels

Matthew Hittinger of Astoria, N.Y.: Spectacular Reflection

Christina Hutchins of Albany, California; Dark Creek

M. Smith Janson of Florence, Massachusetts: Letter Written in this Life, Mailed from the Next

Jesse Lee Kercheval of Madison, Wisconsin: My Life as a Silent Movie

Sandra Kohler of Dorchester, Massachusetts: Final Summer

Gary Copeland Lilley of Swannanoa, North Carolina: Wade In Da Wahtuh

Matthew Lippman of Claverack, N.Y.: Moses

Mike Maniquiz of Clovis, California: Cooking Frutti Di Mare on This Early Evening Before theNight Falls on Kentucky Hillsides

Mary Helen Molinary of Memphis, Tennessee: This Book of Sun

Rusty Morrison of Richmond, California: Insolence

Teresa Pfeifer of Chicopee, Massachusetts: Little Matryoshka

Joseph Radke of Milwaukee, Wisconsin: A Source of Reasons

Boyer Rickel of Tucson, Arizona: reliquary

Reginald Shepherd of Pensacola, Florida: Photos of the Fallen World: Poems

Page Hill Starzinger of New York, N.Y.: Black Tongue

Barry Sternlieb of Richmond, Massachusetts: Winter Crows

Jonathan Weinert  Concord, Massachusetts: Charged Particles