Submission guidelines

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We welcome your submissions and offer many opportunities each year to submit your work to us.

It is important that you read the complete guidelines for each contest or reading period before submitting your work. Writers submitting work for consideration may be published authors or writers without previous book publications. Submissions are accepted from anyone writing in the English language, whether living in the United States or abroad. Tupelo Press does not publish cook books, children’s books, inspirational books, graphic novels, or religious books. We do not accept emailed manuscripts for any contest, reading period, or submission opportunity.

Before submitting an entry to Tupelo Press, please explore the work of the writers we have published. We’re drawn to technical virtuosity combined with abundant imagination; memorable, vivid imagery and strikingly musical approaches to language; willingness to take risks; and an ability to convey penetrating insights into human experience.

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  1. Hi Jim, yes, the Berkshire contest is open for submissions through May 31st. You can find the contest guidelines on our website if you would like to submit your work. We are always interested in reading manuscript submissions!

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