Just published! Canto General: Song of the Americas

Tupelo Press is pleased to announce the publication of Canto General: Song of the Americas, by Pablo Neruda, translated by Mariela Griffor with Translation Editor Jeffrey Levine.

“The greatest poet of the twentieth century
in any language.”
–Gabriel García Márquez, of Pablo Neruda

Pablo Neruda’s epic poem Canto General is a prodigious work that scrolls out like the chronicle of a journey through the Americas. In his most audacious and ambitious achievement, Neruda depicts history as a vast, continuous struggle against oppression. Constructed in fifteen parts, and made up of more than fifteen thousand lines, Canto General unfolds in successive epochs, celebrating the flora and fauna and geology of Neruda’s homeland and recounting episodes in the lives of explorers and conquistadors, emperors and dictators, revolutionaries and everyday laborers.

Here is Canto General seen afresh, the breathtaking beauty of Neruda’s poetry fully revealed in English, with a new translation for the twenty-first century.