Come write with us!

Fill your sails, come on board and write with us! Join our alumni community and write 30 poems in 30 days in October or a month of your choosing.  Share your work with international audience, collaborate with a diverse cohort of poets, learn how to build an audience for your work. Our alumni form a literary network that supports one another’s work and careers. As of this writing, poems from the 30/30 project feature in more than 50 chapbooks by participating poets, and are published in over 80 different journals.

Interested poets can send three sample poems and a short bio to

Here’s what our alumni have to say:

“This has been one of the best experiences of my writing life. I liked it so much, I did it twice! It’s something I think every poet should try, for the discipline, for the fellowship, for the sheer pleasure of reading the work of the other poets in your group every day, and for looking over the entire body of work in your month and saying–wow, I was a part of all of that!”
—Joan Leotta

“To say that the 30/30 Project has been cathartic would be putting it mildly. It has been so very meaningful in so many ways and the staff support, and that of the other poets of the month, has been one of the best and most affirmative aspects of my life.”
—J. Peter Bergman

“What surprised me most in this month of 30/30 was the act of reaching out to friends and acquaintances to ask for support, to tell them about the blog, talk to them about myself as a writer. I felt as if I were walking in the world with a brighter skin. We poets speak about voice all the time. Tupelo 30/30 has drawn me out, made me stand in my own voice and claim myself as a poet.”
—Nancy L. Meyer

“It’s everything you can ever wish for: a creative jumpstart, arrestive must-have flashes of inspiration, pushing through challenges you never thought you could meet, affirmation of daily practice and follow through with commitment, going to creative places you never thought you could go, and having those breakthroughs you’ve been longing for. Just learning the daily art of “letting go” will climb mountains for you. Daily practice, like daily sadhana, produces great results.”
ava m. hu