Honoring Indigenous Poetry from North America

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“I write from a continuous space of erasure. Poetry was the one way that I was able to hold onto…my history, geography, and language.”

These words of Craig Santos Perez, an indigenous Chamoru from the island of Guam, capture and inspire a sense of urgency. As Layli Long Soldier tells us, “Everything is in the language we use.” Among peoples whose stories have been forcibly withheld, each poem contains a trace of that erasure, a record of what is lost as well as made more whole.

In this anthology of Indigenous poetry, the first of its kind, Tupelo Press is eager to celebrate a more complete version of the story we tell –about ourselves, our past, and what is possible in language. We are proud to feature new work by Natalie Diaz, Linda Hogan, Santee Frazier, Luci Tapahonso, Layli Long Soldier, Ray Young Bear, Ishmael Hope, and more. Every poet will present new poems, as well as an original essay, and a selection of resonant work chosen from previous generations of Native artists.
We hope you will join Tupelo Press in publishing this necessary anthology of contemporary indigenous writing. Your contributions will be applied directly to the production costs for what promises to be a stunningly made volume, one that celebrates the work that appears in its pages through the beauty of its design, and even more importantly, the care with which it is brought to life as a printed book.

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