Poem of the Month, November 2017

Earth in Space


If there is no sun
and won’t be for a while,
I just can’t see making it any further.
I keep drifting away in small boats
being a trumpeter, being shapes.
Red and blue are on either side of me,
making impressions of dinosaurs
on plaster of Paris.
I will be broadcast forever. I am so big.
I’ve got these bones in a rolling boil,
and I have to say
that the human capacity
for darkness baffles me.
Where are there movements?
Where is summer
and the yellow bird?
Please keep me in. Believe me,
I used to be little.
I used to be even littler
and half-looked at the catfish
breathing on the water.
They glow,
they just glow.

Soldier On by Gale Marie Thompson
from Soldier On by Gale Marie Thompson, available for purchase here!