30/30 Project FAQ


Q: How do I apply?
A: Complete our application here, including three poems, so we can get to know you! 

Q: How do I choose a month? 
Pick any month on the drop down and leave us a note in the Bio section if you have a preference not listed.


Q: How many poems do poets write in a month?
A: Poets write 30 poems each month with the exception of February (28 or 29 poems!).  

Writing with Us 

QIs this a prompt-driven project?
A:  There will be prompts available if you want them, but the project isn’t driven by prompts!

Q: Are there opportunities for collaboration?
Each poet must write their own poems, and we will consider ideas for collaboration.

Q: Can I include images and artwork with my poetry? 
A: Yes, you may. If the work is not your own, you must receive permission and cite your source.   

Q: Are there guidelines about what kinds of poems I can submit? 
A: Yes, we ask that you submit no more than one (1) Haiku-length poem during your month and no poems over two (2) document pages. Questions about how to submit your poem and fundraising tips will be answered by staff via email leading up to your 30/30 month. 


Q: Do you provide support and ideas for fundraising?
A: We have strategies for fundraising and for how fundraising can help you. 

Rights & Submissions 

Q: Are 30/30 poems considered published works? 
A: No! Poems from the 30/30 Project are considered “rough drafts” and our readers approach them with this mindset. Tupelo Press takes no rights and 30/30 poems are only on our website for two months before they’re taken down. 

Q: Can I submit my 30/30 poems to journals and literary magazines?
A: Absolutely! Work from 30/30 poets have been published in over 200 unique journals and literary magazines. 

Q: Can I publish my 30/30 poems as a chapbook or part of a manuscript? 
A: Yes! Many poets have included their 30/30 poems in anthologies or manuscripts. In the past, poets have even revised their month of poems and published them as a chapbook!   

Contact Us 

Any other questions about the 30/30 Project may be directed to Executive Director of the 30/30 Project, Kirsten Miles, at kmiles@tupelopress.org  

To keep up with all things 30/30, including poet highlights and accomplishments, follow along on Twitter: @TupeloPress3030