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We welcome your submissions and offer many opportunities each year to submit your work.

It is important that you read the complete guidelines for each contest or reading period before submitting your work. Writers submitting work for consideration may be published authors or writers without previous book publications. Submissions are accepted from anyone writing in the English language, whether living in the United States or abroad.

Tupelo Press does not publish children’s books, inspirational books, graphic novels, or religious books. We do not accept emailed manuscripts for any contest, reading period, or submission opportunity.

Before submitting an entry to Tupelo Press, please explore the work of the writers we have published. We’re drawn to technical virtuosity combined with abundant imagination; memorable, vivid imagery and strikingly musical approaches to language; willingness to take risks; and an ability to convey penetrating insights into human experience.

Tupelo Prizes


Submission period: July 1 – July 31st (postmark or online-submission date)

Throughout the month of July, Tupelo Press will hold open submissions for book-length poetry collections (48-90 pages) and chapbook-length poetry collections (28-47 pages).

Selected manuscripts will receive publication by Tupelo Press, a book launch, and national distribution with energetic publicity and promotion. Please read the complete guidelines before submitting your manuscript.

Berkshire Prize

Submission period: January 1st – May 31st

The annual Tupelo Press Berkshire Prize Award for a First or Second Book of Poetry is an open competition for a poetry manuscript with a $3,000 prize. Prior winners include Kristina Jipson, Daniel Khalastchi, Megan Snyder-Camp.

Sunken Garden Chapbook Poetry Prize

Submission period will be posted anew in the fall of 2021   

The Sunken Garden Poetry Prize is a prestigious national poetry prize established in 2002. The Prize has drawn submissions from around the country that have been judged by renowned poets such as Martha Collins, Patricia Smith and Tony Hoagland. The winner receives a cash prize, a book launch, and publication of a chapbook.

Dorset Prize

Submission period:  September 1st – January 31st

The annual Dorset Prize is an open competition for a poetry manuscript, with a $3,000 prize. Prior winners include G.C. Waldrep, Joshua Corey, Rusty Morrison, and Ilya Kaminsky.

Snowbound Chapbook Award

Submission period:  December 1st – February 28th

The annual Snowbound Chapbook Award is an open competition for a poetry manuscript with a prize of $1,000 and 25 copies. Prior winners include Kath Jesme, Brandon Som, and Stacey Waite.

Tupelo Quarterly

Tupelo Quarterly, a literary journal, extends and expands upon the vision of Tupelo Press, publishing work by emerging and established writers and artists of many sensibilities and styles. Tupelo Quarterly cultivates generous artistic community, celebrates intellectual curiosity and creative risk, and presumes abundance. We hold the gate open, not closed.


Submission period:  year round

Our editors now read submissions of fiction and non-fiction year-round, including novels, novellas, short story collections, essays, and memoir. Prose manuscripts are not read anonymously.

Poetry Project

The Tupelo Press Poetry Project was established in 2007 to provide poets and creative writing teachers with engaging, challenging prompts or provocations for writing new poems. Our guest editors’ selections were featured in an online gallery. The project ended in 2012.