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At Tupelo Press our mission is to foster and shepherd great new literature. Fourteen years and 120 books later we’ve remained committed to the writers who are able to give such gifts to the world. There’s such excitement around here this past year having added some terrific prose to our growing poetry list (indelible novels, short story collections, and creative nonfiction). We also celebrate the Million-Line Poem— a unique open source poem that celebrates the collective poetic process— and the dynamic 30/30 Poetry Project which provides an exciting challenge for emerging writers.

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I hope that as a fellow lover of literature, you will continue to share and support our commitment.

Every friend of Tupelo Press is an angel to writers and readers alike. We ask you to join our choir of angels and help us bring more of the divine into the world. As a nonprofit literary press, we are so thankful to you — more than we can say — because without your help we could not already have produced so many beautiful, life-affirming books.

In addition to a thank you letter and tax exempt letter, all donors will be listed on a framed list to be prominently displayed at the Tupelo Loft in North Adams, Massachusetts.

Think how bereft we’d be without poets to transcribe the universe for us, or novelists and memoirists to record our inner and outer landscapes. These are lofty notions, and we continue to rely upon you to support our good work here on earth where bills are paid, so that we can continue to publish poems and stories, novels and memoirs that add to the heartwood of our lives.

We invite you to help us continue this mission, and thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

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