The results of the 2018 Dorset Prize

Tupelo Press is delighted to announce that Inventory of Doubts by Landon Godfrey has been awarded the 2018 Dorset Prize, as selected by Dana Levin

The results of the 2018 Sunken Garden Poetry Prize

Tupelo Press is delighted to announce that Major Jackson has selected as winner of the 2018 Sunken Garden Poetry Prize: Flight, by Chaun Ballard Judge’s Citation by Major Jackson: The poems in Flight unspool a rich and charmed history of survival into songs that celebrate the miracle of endurance in a country defined by the … Read more

The results of the First Annual Tupelo Broadside Prize

The selection of a poem for a broadside carries a special charge: that the poem be one that warrants repeated readings, and that lends itself to visual design. The materiality of letterpress work, its embodied and tactile nature, can heighten one’s experience of the poetic image, typography, white space, and the lovely arc of narrative. … Read more

Poem of the Month, November 2017

Earth in Space   If there is no sun and won’t be for a while, I just can’t see making it any further. I keep drifting away in small boats being a trumpeter, being shapes. Red and blue are on either side of me, making impressions of dinosaurs on plaster of Paris. I will be … Read more

Honoring Indigenous Poetry from North America

Please pledge any amount to bring this anthology to life!   Please pledge your support now!    “I write from a continuous space of erasure. Poetry was the one way that I was able to hold onto…my history, geography, and language.” These words of Craig Santos Perez, an indigenous Chamoru from the island of Guam, … Read more

Poem of the Month, October 2017

Increasingly Adirondacks   As I hold no oceans, I seek. My body belies its blue shallows and hollows. My shapes similar to sand dunes ripple. Landscape artists use postcards when confined, deploy windows in rainy weather. Like them, I keep a false measure. I skirt you. You have a blue mountain or two, a buried … Read more

The results of the 2017 July Open Reading Period

Tupelo Press and the selection panel are delighted to announce our decisions for the 2017 July Open Submission Period. We congratulate the following poets, whose books will be published and distributed by Tupelo Press: Amy Beeder of Albuquerque, New Mexico, And So Wax Was Made & Also Honey and Noah Falck of Buffalo, New York, … Read more