Annie Guthrie

annie guthrieAnnie Guthrie is a writer and jeweler living in Tucson. She has a metalsmithing studio at Splinter Brothers Warehouse and can be found through her website, She teaches at the University of Arizona Poetry Center and also mentors select students wishing to apprentice in poetry or to further their art projects through her courses in “Oracular Writing.”


“I like to think about the relationship of nourishment to the figure in the photograph, who seems to be caught eternally at a threshold. I like to think about staying permanently in the mindset of one at the threshold. Which of course changes the nature of that place. The ambiguity of the figure calls in the voice of each viewer to contribute to the meaning of what he is facing or considering, which is indeed how I like to think of writing, as a conversation, as a collaboration with the reader[.]” — Annie Guthrie in conversation with Christopher Nelson of Green Linden Press

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  • The Good Dark by Annie Guthrie

    The Good Dark

    by Annie Guthrie