Ye Chun

yechun225Ye Chun (叶春) is the author of a book of poetry, Travel Over Water (The Bitter Oleander, 2005), and a 2011 novel in Chinese, Peach Tree In The Sea (《海上的桃树》). She holds an MFA from the University of Virginia and is completing a doctorate at the University of Missouri.

“Personal, familial, and public histories are all interlinked. It’s impossible to look deeply into one without seeing implications of the others. One image bleeds into another, lets surface a third, fourth. They coexist and collage into something new. For me, that may be the ultimate pleasure of writing poetry, or writing in general—it invites me to tune in and see the connections between seemingly disparate things.” — Ye Chun in conversation with Christopher Nelson of Green Linden Press

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  • Lantern Puzzle by Ye Chun

    Lantern Puzzle

    by Ye Chun