The Book of Stone and Angels

by Harold Schweizer


“It is the patient poet, the shy poet, whose utterance can stun and move us most perma-nently from ignorance to knowledge, from dogged certainty to open reverence, from a vague sense of guilt to full confession. Harold Schweizer… is a philosophical poet of love and lament whose work thinks through the labyrinths of particularly difficult human conditions.… His thinking is so striking because it comes at truth from oblique angles that feel, to me, hidden from the rest of the world.…” — Katie Ford

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Thematically exploring the contrasts and dynamic interplay between solidity and ephemerality, in his first book of poems Harold Schweizer creates great dramatic tension by poising complex, expansive sentences against the strictures of taut margins. While portraying angels as unfettered, Schweizer doesn’t accept the platonic notion that we ever transcend our physical world. Instead, he imagines angels as immanent, everywhere: “they / inhabit all things.” The Book of Stones and Angels attempts to disclose the angelic lightness of stones in the obstinate materiality of angels, amid the lightness and frailty of our existence.

Selected Poems

* the gossip

from “Rose Shouldered the Feather”

let me cool you with my wind rest your head on
my stones see my light drink of my river here is
my feather dip it into a heart and someone dipped

it rose shouldered the feather the wind in the bottle
the stones in the bag the light in the purse the river
rolled up in the wind and tied with light


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