Japanese Apricot Wine (Glyph #23)

by Naoko Fujimoto


One of a kind original artwork, as featured in Naoko Fujimoto’s sensational collection, Glyph: Graphic Poetry=Trans. Sensory.

  • Found materials and ink on watercolor paper

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‘“Trans.” has two meanings — Translate & Transport’

Naoko uses paper and objects found during her travels. Postcards, origami, gift wrapping paper, magazines, and other materials rich in color and texture, even supermarket advertisements find their way into her collages. The use of common objects mirrors the shared conflicts of daily living as a Japanese American, in turn grounding her graphic poetry.

Naoko Fujimoto
Naoko Fujimoto

Naoko Fujimoto was born and raised in Nagoya, Japan. She studied at Nanzan Junior College and received BA and Master’s degrees from Indiana University. Her poetry collections include Where I Was Born (Willow Books 2019), and three chapbooks: Mother Said, I Want Your Pain (Backbone Press 2018), Silver Seasons of Heartache (Glass Lyre Press 2017), and Home, No Home (Educe Press 2016). naokofujimoto.com

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