Kill Class

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July Open 2016 Reading Period Selection

A poet and anthropologist explores the surprising world of war games in mock Middle Eastern villages in which the U.S. military trains. With deft lyrical attention, these documentary poems reveal the nuanced culture and violence of the war machine—alive and well within these basecamp villages, the American military, and, ultimately, the human heart.

“Part documentary, part poetry, Kill Class by Nomi Stone is completely arresting, unsettling, and crucial.” – Rachel Morgan, Editor, North American Review 

Released: February 1, 2019

Format: Paperback

“Reading Nomi Stone’s second poetry collection, Kill Class, is like watching a play: each character in this recounted war game ‘lanterns awake.'” –Taneum Bambrick, Kenyon Review

“I see the book as balanced in dual parts, by narrative and lyric, and there is a trajectory, there is an arc, but there are also landings and lingerings.” –Nomi Stone on Kill Class

“Nomi Stone’s captivating second collection, Kill Class… demonstrates, chillingly, how the US has deployed cultural understanding to enhance its destructive capability.” Lynn Melnick, Jewish Currents

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