TP Subscription 2009

by Various Authors


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2009 Poetry & Prose Series Subscription
G.C. Waldrep Archicembalo (poetry) 2007 Dorset Prize
Dan Beachy-Quick This Nest, Swift Passerine (poetry)
Angela Shaw The Beginning of the Fields (poetry) Translated by Ilya Kaminsky
Joshua Marie Wilkinson The Book of Whispering in the Projection Booth (poetry)
Jennifer Militello Flinch of Song (poetry)
Theodore Deppe Orpheus on the Red Line (poetry) 2008 First Book Award
Joan Houlihan The Us (poetry) 2007 Open Reading Selection
Patricia Fargnoli Then, Something (poetry) 2008 Snowbound Award
Nancy Naomi Carlson Stone Lyre: Poems of René Char (poetry)