A House Wren At My Back Door / by Carey Link

It is with great care that we ask you to take some time to get to know Carey Link, who was a retired civil servant from Huntsville, Alabama. She lived with metastatic breast cancer and Cerebral Palsy until November second when she passed away unexpectedly before she could participate in the November 2021 30/30 Project. With her family’s blessing and permission, we want to give you a chance to know her. Below is a poem she took time to send us prior to the month, and you can learn more about her here. Carey was a large figure as a volunteer in Alabama, and we wish we could know her better. We hope you give her the gift of doing so now.


With pieces of earth and sky on her wings—
she glides through my back door—
turns a circle within a square.
Then her feet rise and fall together—
and she rest for a breath—
on the round curves
of my blue and white china.