The 30/30 Project: November 2022 & October 2022 Volunteer Poets

Welcome to the 30/30 Project, an extraordinary challenge and fundraiser for Tupelo Press, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) literary press. Each month, volunteer poets run the equivalent of a “poetry marathon,” writing 30 poems in 30 days, while the rest of us “sponsor” and encourage them every step of the way.

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December 2022 30/30 Project Participants

The volunteer poets for December 2022 are Colton Babladelis, Angela M. Layne, Catania, Larson, Kimberly McAfee, Sam Niven, Dallas Outlaw, LaDonna Witmer, and Stacey Yu.

If you’d like to volunteer for a 30/30 Project month, please fill out our application here and warm up your pen!

Colton Babladelis is a writer, gardener, animal lover, and nature enthusiast. He is the author of two books of poetry, “Grains of Sand” (Winter Goose Publishing 2016) and “Gifts and Other Small Things” (Winter Goose Publishing 2022), and the forthcoming “Softly, Where Lightning Strikes” (Winter Goose Publishing 2023). He grew up in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, where he spent his childhood exploring the forests, rivers, ponds, and lakes around his home. Colton holds an MBA and a Master’s of environmental Science from the University of Michigan. He resides in southeastern Michigan with his wife, two yellow dogs, and small black cat.

Angela M. Layne is an author, poet, novelist, blogger, motivational speaker, spoken word performer, visual artist, advocate/activist, wife, and mother. She’s the owner of 2nd Avenue Press, and the author of Memory Chose a Woman’s Body (unbound CONTENT, 2014). Her forthcoming book, Love is the Dying Dog will be published in early 2023. Angela is a 2014 Pushcart Prize nominee, nominee for the 2015 Virginia Library Literary Award (poetry), and has been featured in a multitude of venues, including The KGB Club in Manhattan and Busboys and Poets. Her publications include The Whiskey Rye Review, Silver Birch Press, Deep Water Literary Journal, Whurk, Vox Poetica, the Plath Poetry Project, Premiere Generation Ink, City Lit Rag, The Word Ocean, Worst Week Ever, Our Stories Untold, Gutsy Living, and several anthology publications. Angela works full-time as the Marketing Specialist for James Madison University’s English Department. 

Catania Larson is an emerging poet currently living in Downingtown, PA, though she has lived all over the US including Arizona, Arkansas, Massachusetts, Utah, and Hawai’i. She loves coffee, flowers, and her dog Clyde Miller.

Kimberly McAfee is a writer and poet residing in the US. She has authored/co-authored works in a variety of formats, such as websites, e-magazines, anthologies, and even a peer-reviewed scholarly journal. Ms. McAfee has also self-published three chapbooks available on Amazon. She is currently working on her first full-length poetry collection. You can find more of her poetry on her Instagram page @writerpoetkim.

Sam Niven is an MFA student at Johns Hopkins University and currently lives in Baltimore with their partner, two cats, and thirty-nine houseplants. Sam hates baths, loves the notion of whales, and enjoys cool rocks.

Dallas (Amber) Outlaw is a registered behavioral technician based in Las Vegas, NV. She began her college career at Tuskegee University, although ultimately completing her Bachelor’s of English degree at Nevada State College. She has a niche for micropoems focused on life’s many experiences, conversations, and encounters. Dallas implores readers to engage in the nuances of the imagery and openness of the poetry she produces to get an understanding of her as a writer, but also life in its many variations.

LaDonna Witmer can only make sense of the world if you spell it out for her. If she has a word for it. All of life is a quest for the perfect sentence. For years she’s been a journalist and copywriter, always telling other people’s stories. Now that those midlife years have arrived, she’s telling stories of her own. Originally hailing from a small cornfield town in the midwest, LaDonna spent 20 years soaking up the fog in San Francisco before leaving the US for a new life in Portugal, where she lives in the shadow of a 10th century castle and searches for words for her memoir.

Stacey Yu pays rent in San Francisco, though she spends most of her time elsewhere (London, New York, Oxford, to name a few). She reviews books online and invents names for corporations to afford this. She once memorized 400 digits of pi, for which she won an apple pie.

November 2022 30/30 Project Participants

The volunteer poets for November 2022 are Tiffiny Rose Allen, Lu Chekowski, Ahja Fox, Sarah Haas, Moira Hegarty, Barbara Krasner, Jonie McIntire, Anna Mitchael, Shane Morin, and Mary Ventura.

If you’d like to volunteer for a 30/30 Project month, please fill out our application here and warm up your pen!

Tiffiny Rose Allen is a writer and poet. Originally from the state of Florida, she started writing at an early age and self-published her first collection of poetry Leave The Dreaming To The Flowers at the age of 18. Her poetry is eclectic in portraying her views of the different aspects of life. When she is not somewhere writing, she is either creating something with her hands or working on anything and everything that excites her. Her work has been featured in numerous magazine and anthology publications, including The Elpis Pages, Harness Magazine, and Dreamer by Night Magazine. Her poetry and short story collections can be found on Amazon. You can find more of her work on Instagram @dreamsinhiding.writing

Lu Chekowsky is an Emmy-winning writer and creative director who built a successful career in media through gut, intuition, and addiction to approval. She has attended The Tin House Summer Workshop and been a writer in residence at MASS MoCA, SPACE on Ryder Farm, Monson Arts, and the Gullkistan Creative Program in Iceland. Lu was the winner of the 2020 Pigeon Pages Essay Contest, a finalist for Best of the Net 2022 and has had poems, flash and essay published in The Rumpus, Hobart, Bending Genres, Kithe and The Maine Review. You can read more of her work at:

Ahja Fox is the Aurora, Colorado Poet Laureate. She can be found around Colorado participating at various events or co-hosting Art of Storytelling. She publishes in online and print journals like Five:2:One, LEVELER, Wrongdoing Magazine, Okay Donkey, SWWIM, Driftwood Press and more. Ahja has been a Best of the Net! and Pushcart Prize nominee and was also a 2021 CAAPP Book Prize finalist. Her other literary-related duties have included, being a managing editor for Homology Lit, an assistant poetry editor for Copper Nickel, an editor, workshop professor, and an academic director for Poetix University and more. Discover:

A writer living off-grid in the mountains of New Mexico, Sarah Haas’s work has recently appeared in Lit Hub, Longreads, Tupelo Quarterly, The Rumpus, Adroit Journal, among others. She is represented by Mina Hamedi at Janklow & Nesbit where her debut book of lyric nonfiction is out on submission.

Moira Hegarty is a poet living in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She earned an MFA in creative writing through the Pan-European Creative Writing MFA program at Cedar Crest College. For more than twenty years she was a songwriter, and she won several honorable mentions in the Billboard Song Contest. One of her recent poems, “Deer Encounter,” was longlisted for the 2022 Fish Poetry Prize.

Barbara Krasner is the author of two novels in verse, 37 Days at Sea: Aboard the MS St. Louis, 1939 (Lerner, 2021) and Ethel’s Song: Ethel Rosenberg’s Life in Poems (Astra Books for Young Readers, 2022) and two poetry chapbooks, Pounding Cobblestone (Kelsay Books, 2018) and Chicken Fat (Finishing Line Press, 2017). She is the recipient of the 2022 Miriam Rachimi Microchapbook Prize with Miss Emma Lazarus Enlightens the World. Krasner is a doctoral candidate in Holocaust & Genocide Studies at Gratz College and teaches in the Holocaust & Genocide Studies Program at The College of New Jersey. She also holds an MFA from the Vermont College of Fine Arts.

Jonie McIntire, first female Poet Laureate of Lucas County, Ohio, is Poetry Editor at Of Rust and Glass. Her most recent chapbook, Semidomesticated (re-released by Sheila-Na-Gig Editions, 2022) won Red Flag Poetry’s 2020 chapbook contest. Her prior chapbooks are Beyond the Sidewalk (Nightballet Press, 2017) and Not All Who Are Lost Wander (Finishing Line Press, 2016). She is the Membership Chair at Ohio Poetry Association. Her poems, published in print journals, anthologies, online and even into cement, have been nominated for Best of the Net and Pushcart prize. McIntire hosts a monthly reading series called Uncloistered Poetry from Toledo, Ohio. Learn about her at

Anna is currently the deputy editor for Magnolia Journal, working with writers across the country to create content for their million plus readers. Her most recent novel, Copygirl, was based on her experiences as a copywriter for ad agencies on Madison Avenue and was described by Publisher’s Weekly as “wickedly funny and smartly sweet.” Anna writes the monthly advice column Dear Boots for Wacoan, the regional magazine of central Texas, where she now lives with her husband and three children. She is represented by Carly Watters of P.S. Literary and her new book “They Will Tell You the World is Round” is out on submission. 

Shane is an early admit MA student at UNH, pursuing a specialization in English Studies.. He has co-chaired the Portsmouth Poet Laureate Program. He will hold a BA in Literature with Minors in Philosophy and Women and Gender Studies in December, as a non-traditional student. In the off-time, Shane enjoys weekends with his daughter, travelling NH and escaping the city. Shane’s interests include cosmology, post-rock and world literature.

Mary Ventura is an interpreter and translator. Occasionally she trains machines to replace herself but, more regularly, she is an irreplaceable Mandarin Chinese teacher. She holds English (Literary Track) Master Degree from Universidade de Macau and Political Science Master Degree from Germnay. Her poems and reviews are seen in Asymptote Journal “Translation Tuesdays”, SAND Journal, Voice & Verse Poetry Magazine, Fahmidan Journal, Cha: An Asian Literary Journal, Worker’s Literature (HK), Oyedrum, Just a Coin’s Worth of Blue, and her literary translations includes Li Qing Zhao: Spring Hides in the Little Room, An Anthology of the Yuan Dynasty Poetry etc.. Her last two TV appearances were on מצב האומה. She also runs her own creative writing magazine project 《字縛》, which encourages Oulipo-styled writing in both Simplified and Traditional Chinese submissions. She has lived in furnaces across China, Israel, and is currently writing in Germany. Her words in Chinese can be found here:

October 2022 30/30 Project Participants

The volunteer poets for October 2022 were Lois Anne, John Chinworth, Todd Ferguson, Cathy Ferrell, David Miller,  Amy Parrish, Bill Prindle,  and Kait Quinn.

Lois Anne is an artist – a maker of poems and objects – who has maintained her studio in downtown Rockland Maine since 1984. Lois received a BFA in Visual Art from Alfred University and an MFA in Writing from Vermont College of Fine Arts. Her poems have appeared in numerous anthologies, the most recent being ENOUGH! Poems of Resistance and Protest, Littoral Press, 2020.

John Chinworth, raised in Southern Arizona, received his MFA from the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics at the Naropa Institute and has had poems in Vallum, Gertrude, and others. John lives with his partner in Seattle, where he teaches at a non-profit school, gives astrological consultations, and bikes avidly.

Todd Ferguson grew up in Texas. He has lived in Brussels, Washington DC, and Chicago and currently lives in Evanston, Illinois, where he teaches high school English and philosophy. He holds his BA in English from Trinity University and his PhD in Philosophy from Purdue University. Inspired by the works of Ludwig Wittgenstein, Virginia Woolf, Georgia O’Keeffe, David Foster Wallace, Carolyn Forche, and Maggie Nelson, he is interested in the spaces between the known and unknown, the sayable and unsayable, the self and the world. When he is not teaching, he spends as much time as possible in the magical landscapes of Far West Texas and Northern New Mexico. Todd is co-editor of Restoring Hope: Decent Care in the Midst of HIV/AIDS (Palgrave Macmillan, 2008). Speaking Silence, Silence Speaking, his debut collection of poetry, is scheduled to be published by Mercury HeartLink (Silver City, NM) this fall.

Cathy Ferrell is an emerging poet, writer, and educator from Central Florida. She wears many hats (cloche, Panama, sun-brimmed, mother, wife, artist, daughter, traveler, mystery-reader, and lover of old houses among them). She enjoys dark chocolate, rain, and Cuban coffee. Cathy majored in English at FIU, and shares her love of words with 9th grade students as a Reading Interventionist in virtual classrooms. Her previous roles as an educator have included early elementary teacher, new teacher coach and mentor, and literacy coach. When she isn’t reading or writing, Cathy can be found painting, fussing over her houseplants, or traveling anywhere with her husband and two children. Her work can be found online at and in the recently published scholarly collection, Shakespeare and Latinidad, edited by Trevor Boffone and Carla Della Gotta.

David Miller teaches Latin in South L.A. He also writes poetry. He received a BA in Classics and his M. Ed. from UCLA back when H.W. was president. He also earned an M.A. in English/Creative Writing from LMU when Obama was president. His students are excellent people.

Amy Parrish is an American artist and writer raised on more than 200 acres of Appalachian foothills; now at home in Shantiniketan, West Bengal, India.

Bill Prindle is a Charlottesville poet who has written more in the last 12 years than in the previous 40. He’s a Tupelo 30/30 alum from 2013, and has been active in the local Writerhouse, Poets at Large, and Live Poets groups. He’s won awards from the Poetry Society of Virginia, and has been published in print and online journals. He has studied with Gregory Orr, Jeffrey Levine, Sharon Olds, Robert Bly, and C.K. Williams.

Kait Quinn is a legal assistant by day and a prolific poet by night. She received her BA in English Writing & Rhetoric from St. Edward’s University in Austin, TX. Her work has appeared in Reed Magazine, Last Leaves Magazine, Crosswinds Poetry, Chestnut Review, and others. She has also self published four poetry collections. Kait also spends her time cooking, reading, doing yoga, traveling, and rewatching shows on Netflix. She lives in Minneapolis with her partner, their regal cat (Spart), and their very polite Aussie mix (Jesse).