Donate in Honor of Your Favorite 30/30 Poet

The 30/30 Project is an extraordinary challenge and fundraiser for Tupelo Press, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) literary press.  Each month, volunteer poets run the equivalent of a “poetry marathon,” writing 30 poems in 30 days, while the rest of us “sponsor” and encourage them every step of the way.

Support one of our volunteer writers for April, 2024!

The volunteer poets for April 2024 are Sarah Chestnut, Marnie Bullock Dresser, Marshall Malin, Jessie Lynn McMains, Manthipe Moila, Kalliopi Paleos, Briton Szydloski, and Elizabeth Walton.

Sarah Chestnut

Marnie Bullock Dresser

Marshall Malin

Jessie Lynn McMains

Manthipe Moila

Kalliopi Paleos

Briton Szydloski

Elizabeth Walton

Support one of our volunteer writers for March, 2024!

The volunteer poets for March are: Brianna Bencosme, Jessica de Koninck, Peggy Dobreer, Francesca Preston, Laura Secord, Tashi Wangmo, and Thom Young.

Brianna Bencosme

Jessica De Koninck

Peggy Dobreer

Francesca Preston

Laura Secord

Tashi Wangmo

Thom Young