Publications by Tupelo conference alumni

Jenny Grassl MAGICHOLIA 3: A Taos Press 2025

Katie Richards Apple Mind Harbor Editions 2025

Jackie Craven WHISH Press 53 2024

Mandy Gutmann-Gonzalez A/An End of Line Press 2024

Tracy Mishkin The Way The Salt Falls Main Street Rag 2024

Abigail Ardelle Zammit Leaves Borrowed from Human Flesh Etruscan Press 2024

Mari Carmen Marin From the Desert to the Valley of Your Life Shanti Arts LLC. 2024

Katherine Richards Apple Mind Harbor Editions 2024

Bob Ambrose Between Birdsong and Boulder Kelsay Books 2024

Kathy Nelson The Ledger of Mistakes Terrapin Books 2024

Windflower Townley AGE BRINGS THEM HOME TO ME Finishing Line Press 2024

Rosa Lane Called Back Tupelo Press 2024

Craig Brandis The Crying of Small Motors Moonstone Press – 2023 / 2024

Victoria Dym The Hatchet Sun Finishing Line Press 2024

Judith Lagana Make Space Finishing Line Press 2023

Miriam Calleja Shaw Come Closer, I Don’t Mind the Silence Bottlecap Press 2023

Angelina Oberdan Brooks Heavy Bloom Bottlecap Press 2023

Moira Walsh EARTHRISE Penteract Press (UK) 2023

Will Barnes the artemesia Inlandia Institute Books 2023

Susan Hankla I’m Not Evelyn Groundhog Poetry Press 2023

Kate Bonnici A True and Just Record Beyond Criticism Editions 2023

Carrie Nassif lithopaedion Finishing Line Press 2023

Moira Walsh Earthrise Penteract Press July 2023

Mary Pacifico Curtis Hawk’s Cry Finishing Line Press 2023

Joanne Corey Hearts Kelsay Press 2023

K.D. Harryman The Girl’s Book of Knots BlazeVOX Press 2023

Sara Epstein Bar of Rest Kelsay Books 2023

Agnes Marton For Waltz You Don’t Need a Compass Red Squirrel Press 2023

Eric Steifel Hello Nothingness Main Street Rag 2023

Jim Stone Moment by Moment Finishing Line Press 2023

Karen Arnold Looking for Disappearance Finishing Line Press 2023

Nina Gibans Pandora’s Box and Postcards to Myself ATBOSH Media 2022

Bill Considine Continent of Fire Kelsay Press 2022

Dianne Silvestri But I Still Have My Fingerprints Cavankerry Press 2022

Suellen Wedmore Mind the Light Downstream Press 2022

Robert Okaji Buddha’s Not Talking Slipstream Press 2022

Rebecca Foust Only Four Way Books 2022

Victoria Dym Spontaneous Independently Published 2022

John Glowney Visitation Broadstone books 2022

Alicia Elkort A Map of Every Undoing Stillhouse Press 2022

Rachel Abromowitz The Birthday of the Dead Conduit Press 2022

Rebecca Kaiser Gibson Girl As Birch Bauhan Publishing. 2022

Jennifer K Dick That Which I Touch Has No Name Black Spring Press Group 2022

Amy Haddad An Otherwise Healthy Woman Backwater Press 2022

Mary Pacifico Curtis Understanding Moonseed BlazeVox Press 2022

Agnes Marton Being an Iguana Unnepi Konyvweek 2022

Kay Morgan Girl, Woman, Bird Finishing Line Press 2022

Caroline Cottom Asylum Main Street Rag 2022

Susan Jackson In The River of Song CavanKerry Press 2022

David Mihalyov A Safe Distance Main Street Rag 2022

Devi Laskar Circa Mariner Books 2022

James Pollock Durable Goods Véhicule Press 2022

Cutter Streeby Tension : Rupture Tupelo Press 2021

Naoko Fujimoto Glyph: Graphic Poetry = Trans. Sensory Tupelo Press 2021

Heidi Seaborn An Insomniac’s Slumber Party With Marilyn Monroe Pank 2021

Heidi Seaborn Welcome to my Midlife Crisis Comstock Review 2021

Anna De Vaul Cosmonaut Dancing Girl Press 2021

Melissa Ginsberg Apollo Condenserry Press 2021

Lise Goett Leprosarium Tupelo Press 2021

Jeanne-Marie Osterman All Animals Want the Same Things Slipstream Press 2021

Jeremy Paden World As Sacred Burning Heart 3: A Taos Press 2021

Jeremy Paden Self Portrait as Iguana Valparaiso 2021

Kathleen Lynch Lucky Witness Blue Light Press 2021

Joanna Solfrian The Second Perfect Number Finishing Line Press 2021

Joanna Solfrien The Mud Room Mad Hat Press 2020

Cheryl Passanisi Geraniums from the Little Sophias of Unruly Wisdom Finishing Line Press 2020

Risa Denenberg Posthuman Floating Bridge Press 2020

Kelly Fordon Goodbye Toothless House Kattywompous Press 2019

Susan Sonde The Arsonist Main Street Rag 2019

Tanya Grae Undoll Yes Yes Books 2019

Linda Schandelmeier Coming Out of Nowhere, Alaska Homestead Poems University of Alaska Press 2019

Artress Bethany White My Afmerica Trio House Press 2018

Ruth Dannon Word Has It Nirala Press 2018

Linda Stryker Starcrossed Dancing Girl Press 2018

Heidi Seaborn Finding My Way Home Finishing Line Press 2018

Elizabeth Robin Where Green Meets Blue Finishing LIne Press 2018

Lisa DeSiro Grief Dreams White Knuckle Press 2018

Jessica Reed World, Composed Finishing Line Press 2018

Lisa Fay Coutly To the Astronaut: On Impact Black Lawrence Press 2018

Rosa Lane Tiller North Sixteen Rivers Press 2018

Emari DiGiorgio Girl Torpedo Agape Press 2018

Emari DiGiorgio The Things a Body Might Become Five Oaks Press 2018

CM Furhman Native Voices Tupelo Press 2018

Stephanie Pressman Lovebirdman Creatspace Independent Publishing Platform 2018

Marlon Fick Xeixa Tupelo Press 2018

Shannon Hardwick Before Isadore Sundress Press 2017

Dayne McGuire American Dream with Exit Wound If SF Publishing 2017

Greg Geiss Mockumentary Main Street Rag 2017

Naoko Fujimoto Mother Said, I Want Your Pain Backbone Press 2017

Naoko Fujimoto Silver Seasons of Heartache Glass Lyre Press 2017

Will Barnes The Ledgerbook 3: A Taos Press 2017

Mary Barbara Moore Amanda and the Man Soul Emrys Press 2017

Margaret Rhee Love Robot The Operating System 2017

Erin Adair Hodges Let’s All Die Happy University of Pittsburg Press 2017

Kyle Laws So Bright to Blind Five Oaks Press 2017

Susan Hankla Clinch River Ground Hog Poetry Press 2107

Diana Adams Lights on the Way Out Finishing Line Press 2017

Cw Emerson Off Coldwater Canyon American Journal of Poetry 2016

Catherine Strisik The Mistress 3: A Taos Press

Virginia Chase Sutton Of a Transient Nature Knut House Press 2016

Lisa Rizzo Always a Blue House Saddle Road Press 2016

Lucia Galloway The Garlic Peelers Quills Edge Press 2015

Devi Laskar The Reds and the Blues Counterpoint Press 2015

Naoko Fujimoto Home No Home Orofino Press 2015

Anna Dernier In the Fury Gray Book Press 2015

Rebecca Foust Paradise Drive Press 53 2015