by Meredith Stricker



Rewild is one of the most exciting and original collections I’ve read in years… With the perfect balance of dark humor and vulnerability, this poet grapples with climate change, capitalism, the horrors of human history… I’m grateful for the wide, generous lens of this book, and this poet, right now. I see—perceive—differently having spent time inside these poems.”

from the Judge’s citation by Maggie Smith



Format: paperback
Published: September 2022

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“Meredith Stricker begins this urgent, gorgeous collection with the open question, ‘I don’t know if redemption is possible, something/ inside us like flowering, a kind of leakage.’ Her journey to answers brings us through bones and burns, bees and buffalo, Rilke and Stein, dark matter and ashes, to unflinchingly explore what we have done to the world through violence, commodification, and greed while also illuminating what might yet be possible, even in places of profound devastation. Striker’s careful attention draws us to look deeply, forcing us to see both our complicity in horrors and the beauty in even irrigation ditches, ultimately illuminating the possibility of renewal, of ‘burning with animals and greenness.’ This necessary collection is both alarm and balm.”

—Ruth Dickey, Mud Blooms, Winner of a Silver Nautilus for Books that make a Better World

“The brilliance of this book lies in Stricker’s effortless fusion of so many genres— biography, lyric, essay, visual poetry—into a singular idiom while documenting her search for the Soul’s residence after unthinkable disaster. Her ethics are such that the beauty of the writing does not shield us from brutality, instead leading us always ‘further into the dark conveyance beyond imagination.’”

—Brian Teare, Doomstead Days, Winner of the Four Quartets Prize

“Stricker lets the page build with its own music, leaving you open to the next page being a completely different song. Ecstatic, caught in the lung as deeply as you can breathe, it is a meditation that will resonate throughout your day. You too will want Stricker’s poems in your life.”

—CA Conrad, Gloria Anzaldúa prize

“Meredith Stricker is an architect and cartographer of the new spirit, one that knows to be a poet is to be plural… she reboots our minds, opening them to atoms, seeds, oceans, buffalo, starfish, and nebulae… She is a protectress of earth and often communicates in the mysterious way of owls, bees, and whales.”

—Mark Irwin, Shimmer, The Philip Levine Prize for Poetry

Rewild is a collection of documentary lyric poetry that explores places that, having been ravaged by war and environmental plunder, have since been abandoned to regenerate and restore. At this moment where we find ourselves in the Anthropocene, the poems hover between ruin and restoration. They open ways we can ask transformative questions and turn ourselves into these questions that begin to tunnel through difficulty and despair into “another spreadsheet than human … chromosomal and intricate.” To begin to unbuy ourselves, to rewild our communal lives.

Meredith Stricker is a visual artist and poet working in cross-genre media. She is the author of five poetry collections, recipient of the National Poetry Series Award and co-director of visual poetry studio in Big Sur, a design collaborative focusing on architecture and site-specific projects bringing together artists, writers, musicians and experimental forms.

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