30/30 Project: August 2021 Contributor Bios

Claire Acerno
Claire Acerno is a mother, grandmother, housefrau, poet and all around fun gal. Her work is recently unpublished in Harper’s Bazar, Travel Magazine, Writer’s and Poets, New York Times and most recently the New Yorker. She adds: "Thoughts, words storm my brain in a non-linear mix, i stir and settle. This is me. I am poet."
Ingrid Bruck
Ingrid Bruck, a Pennsylvania-based poet, grows wildflowers and makes jam when she's not writing poetry. In 2019, one of her poems was nominated for Best of the Net and in 2020, one of her poems was nominated for Best of the Net and two were nominated for a Pushcart Prize. Ingrid has one chapbook titled Finding Stella Maris (Flutter Press) and writes a monthly column called Pearl Diving (features online writer resources) for Between These Shores Books. Some current work appears in The Heron’s Nest, Failed Haiku, Charlotte Digregorio Blog, Verse-Virtual, Sanctuary and Rats Ass Review. Poetry website: www.ingridbruck.com
Onyedikachi Chinedu
Onyedikachi Chinedu is the author of Glistening Green (Ghost City Press, 2021). They were the winner of the 2018 Kreative Diadem Poetry Prize and a 2021 HUES Foundation scholar. Their poems have appeared and forthcoming in Rappahannock Review, Dreich, A Long House, Cultural Weekly, Stone of Madness Press, and elsewhere. They read poetry submissions for Non. Plus Lit.
Brittney Corrigan
Brittney Corrigan is the author of the poetry collections Navigation, 40 Weeks, and most recently, Breaking, a chapbook responding to events in the news over the past several years. Daughters, a series of persona poems in the voices of daughters of various characters from folklore, mythology, and popular culture, is forthcoming from Airlie Press in September, 2021. Corrigan was raised in Colorado and has lived in Portland, Oregon for the past three decades, where she is an alumna and employee of Reed College. She is currently at work on her first short story collection and on a collection of poems about climate change and the Anthropocene age. For more information, visit http://brittneycorrigan.com/.
Donna Dallas
Donna studied Creative Writing and Philosophy at NYU’s Gallatin School and was lucky enough to study under William Packard, founder and editor of the New York Quarterly. Lately, Donna’s work is found in Horror Sleaze Trash, Beatnik Cowboy and The Opiate among many other publications. Donna recently published her first novel, Death Sisters, with Alien Buddha Press. Her chapbook, Smoke & Mirrors, will launch next month from New York Quarterly. Donna currently serves on the editorial team for Red Fez and New York Quarterly.
Lawdenmarc Decamora
Lawdenmarc Decamora is a Best of the Net and Pushcart Prize-nominated writer with work published in 23 countries around the world. He is the author of two book-length poetry collections, 'TUNNELS' (Ukiyoto Publishing) and 'Love, Air' (Atmosphere Press - forthcoming). His work has appeared in Seattle Review, North Dakota Quarterly, The Common, Welter Literary Journal, Yellow Medicine Review, among other places. He also won a spot in various anthologies, most recently in 'Meridian: The Asia Pacific Writers & Translators (APWT) Drunken Boat Anthology of New Writing' and 'Mingled Voices 4: The International Proverse Poetry Prize Anthology 2019.' He holds an MFA in Creative Writing and is presently an MA candidate in Literary and Cultural Studies from the Philippines. He is also the Assistant Editor of the century-old, multidisciplinary journal called UNITAS based out of the University of Santo Tomas, Manila.
Jennifer K Dick
Jennifer K Dick is the author of Lilith: A Novel in Fragments (Corrupt, 2019), Circuits (2013) and Fluorescence (2004) as well as 6 chap/artbooks. Her next full length book, mixing writing in 3 languages, That Which I Touch Has No Name, is forthcoming from Eyewear in London this year. Her poetry and short stories have appeared in over 50 literary magazines. She has worked as a literary editor and reader for Versal Magazine and book press (Amsterdam), Upstairs at Duroc (Paris), The Colorado Review (USA) and others. She has taught Creative Writing Workshops for WICE, the Paris Writers Workshop, Kent University’s Paris in The Arts MA program and a workshop for Strasbourg Write a Story, whose contest she judged this spring. She has also guest taught at Naropa & LIU Brooklyn’s MFA programs. She currently directs the English Dept and teaches writing, Literature and Civilization at the Université de Haute Alsace, Mulhouse, where her students wrote chapbooks of poems based on a wide variety of meditation-based constraints this year. Jennifer also founded in 2005 and continues to curate the Ivy Writers Paris bilingual experimental poetry reading series. She is also the co-organizer with Sandrine Wymann of “Écrire L’Art”, a series of residencies for French authors at the Kunsthalle-Mulhouse Centre d’Art Contemporain, for whom she did a series of 4 radio workshops “Générateur de textes” in April 2021, available at: http://kunsthallemulhouse.com/evenement/programme-radiophonique-pnode/
David Estringel
David Estringel is a "2019 Best of the Net" and "2019 Over the Edge New Writer of the Year" nominee, whose work has been accepted by and/or appeared at Specter Magazine, Foliate Oak Magazine, Terror House Magazine, Expat Press, 50 Haikus, littledeathlit, Down in the Dirt, Route 7 Review, Setu Bilingual Journal, Paper Trains Journal, The Elixir Magazine, Soft Cartel, Harbinger Asylum, Briars Lit, Open Arts Forum, Cajun Mutt Press, Former People Journal, The Ugly Writers, Writ in Dust, Cephalopress, Twist in Time, Merak Magazine, Salt Water Soul, Cherry House Press, Subterranean Blue Poetry, Printed Words, Sunflower Sutras, Tulip Tree Publishing ("Story of the Week"), Salt Ink, PPP Ezine, Digging through the Fat, Haiku Journal, Foxhole Magazine, The Basil O'Flaherty, Three Line Poetry, Agony Opera, The Siren's Call Ezine, Alien Buddha Press, Alien Buddha Press Ezine, Synchronized Chaos, Pantheon of Poesy, The @baffled Haiku Daily, Blood Moon Rising Magazine, Grey Borders Press, The Blue Nib, Fishbowl Press, Horror Sleaze Trash, Poetizer, Rigorous Magazine, Corvus Review, Spillwords Press, Proletaria Journal, Cherry Magazine, Bleached Butterfly, Poetry Pea/Haiku Pea, TL;DR Press, Spit Poet Zine, Arthut, ICOE Press, Logos, Ponder Savant, Outcast Magazine, Z Publishing, Impspired Magazine, Drunk Monkeys, Headline Poetry, Forever Endeavour, Queer As In Fuck You!, Clarendon House Publications, Poetry Festival, CultureCult Magazine, Ethos Literary Journal, Locust Magazine, fresh.ink, The Bitchin' Kitsch, Latin Anthology, Poetry NI, Fishbowl Press Poetry, Really Serious Literature (@rlysrslit), Infernal Ink, Synkronicity Magazine, Cutthroat, A Journal of the Arts, Writing Workshops Dallas, 45 Magazine, Bosphorus Review, Lahar Magazine, Wicked Gay Ways, Ez.P.Zine II (Pyre Publications), Pif Magazine, North Meridian Review, Resurrection Magazine, Azahares Literary Magazine, DREICH, Ethel, Harpy Hybrid Review, Fat Cat Magazine, Finishing Line Press, Channillo, and The Good Men Project, where he was a Lead Editor and columnist (“Going Grey with David Estringel"). David’s work has also been accepted for publication in 20 anthologies: Dreamscapes (Cherry House Press), Briar’s Lit Vol. II (Briars Lit), Alien Buddha’s House of Horrors (Alien Buddha Press), Psalms of the Alien Buddha (Alien Buddha Press), DADDY: A Cultural Anthology (Grey Border Books), Shades of Pride (TL;DR Press), One Last Poem Anthology (ICOE Press), Texas' Emerging Poets - 2019 (Z Publishing), The Inner Circle Writers' Group Poetry Anthology 2019 (Clarendon House Publications), Nocturne (CultureCult Magazine's poetry anthology), Land & Territory: An International Anthology (Latin Anthology), No Sin (Alien Buddha Press), MAELSTROM: The Inner Circle Writers’ Group Literary Anthology 2019 (Clarendon House Publications), Beneath Strange Stars: A SciFi & Fantasy Anthology (TL'DR Press), Bloodlet: Anthology of Violent Fictions (CultureCult Press), The Ink Pods "Gift" Audio Anthology - Issue II (The Blue Nib), Messages from the Dark Side (independent publisher Delilah Charmer), Puro ChicanX Writers of the 21st Century (Cutthroat: A Journal of the Arts/The Black Earth Institute), and Impspired Magazine Volume I (Impspired Magazine), and an upcoming anthology by Really Serious Literature and 30 West Publishing . His first collection of poetry and prose, Indelible Fingerprints, was published in April 2019 by Alien Buddha Press. David has published his first collection of poetry chapbooks Blue, Civil Wars, Trois, and--soon--life in/verse via The Tripping Muse Press. His latest chapbooks "punctures" and "P e r i p h e r i e S" were published at Really Serious Literature for their @rlysrslit Disappearing Chapbook Series (Issue #104) and The Bitchin' Kitsch as the winner of the B'K 2019 Chapbook Competition, respectively. David's newest chapbook publications include "Eating Pears on the Rooftop" (Finishing Line Press), as well as an appearance in "SCI-FI" by DREICH. His first feature-length collection of poetry and prose Indelible Fingerprints was accepted for publication at Alien Buddha Press March 2019 and published April 1, 2019. David has also been interviewed by South Florida Poetry Journal (USA), poetry mini interviews (Canada), authors interviews (UK), "Featured Poet of the Week" @ Fishbowl Press (Germany), The Human Condition - RGV Titan Radio (USA), and The #TPQ5 - The Poetry Question (USA), and "Interview with David A. Estringel: 'Emerging? We’ve Always Been Here'" Writer Series - littledeathlit (USA). You can connect with David on Twitter @The_Booky_Man and on his personal Facebook page--dedicated to his writing--Indelible Fingerprints.
Christine Hamm
Christine Hamm has a PhD in English, and lives and teaches in New Jersey. She recently won the Tenth Gate prize from Word Works for her manuscript, Gorilla. She has had work featured in Denver Quarterly, Nat Brut, Painted Bride Quarterly and many others. She has published six chapbooks, and several books -- her fourth, Girl into Fox, came out in 2019.
Michelle Macfarlane
Michelle Lowry Macfarlane is a writer, a photographer and a book artist. She has exhibited her work at Phillips Gallery, Finch Lane Gallery, the Marriott Library, the Salt Lake Art Center (now UMOCA), the Springville Museum of Art, and the National Gallery for Women in the Arts. Last fall, her work appeared in the Beloit Poetry Journal and she was a finalist for Frontier Poetry’s Industry Prize. She lives in Salt Lake City where she is a Ph.D. candidate in Poetry in the Creative Writing Program at the University of Utah. She works for The King’s English bookshop and is a member of the Halophyte Collective. You can also find her on Instagram.
K.E. Ogden
K.E. OGDEN swam with sharks in the Galapagos, lived in a sugar cane shack in Maui while selling pearls on the beach, and danced at a bonfire in Fairbanks, AK watching Hale-Bopp streak across the sky. Her identity and culture have been informed by growing up working class in Honolulu, Hawai'i, attending high school in Northern California during the AIDS crisis, and spending almost every summer of her life in rural, southeastern Louisiana. She is a former Peter Taylor Poetry Fellow for the Kenyon Review, a two-time judge for the Flannery O'Connor Short Fiction Prize, and is a Poet-Laureate of Gambier, Ohio. Winner of the 2019 Cal State LA Henri Coulette memorial Award for Poetry sponsored by The Academy of American Poets and named a Poetry Ambassador to The Normal University in Changsha, China by the Center for Contemporary Poetry & Poetics at CSULA, Kirsten is a multi -genre writer, scholar, director and artist, Her dissertation, An Aloha State of Mind: Performing Hawaiian Cultural Identities explores Hawaiian Drama and is housed in the Kumu Kahua theater archives. Her poems, essays, and prose have won awards and have been published in a variety of venues, including KRO: Kenyon Review Online, Louisiana Literature, anderbo, brevity, Phoebe, MilkJournal, Slipstream, Claudius Speaks, Arsenic Lobster, and Fourth River: Tributaries. She was a featured poet for the Poets for Living Waters project after the Gulf Oil Spill, and her digital quilt piece "Caged" was featured with other paper/book artists in response to the election of Donald Trump at the Unstitched States project, curated by author Gretchen Henderson. Kirsten mentors young writers each summer as a faculty member in the Kenyon Review Young Writers Workshop and is Professor and Creative Writing Committee chair in the English Division at Pasadena City College. A she lives in L.A. with her sweetheart, comic book artist M.Digges. ​